Welcome to the Ford Falcon Registry! You have entered a living and ever-evolving Ford Falcon reference web site. Falcon's, and the information about them, are my passion and hobby. To create this site, I have combined some knowledge of web design and programming along with a 45+ year involvement and fascination with this '60's "working man's" compact car. I have watched as this car that was designed to last 5 years, has surfaced as durable and affordable collectable. Its' design so simple, that it has become an enduring classic. How many times have you heard the phrase "My dad used to drive one of those?" Well, for those of us who have retained an original family car to those who have returned to a familiar friend, I dedicate this site.

There is much more to this site than is apparent at first glance. Take some time to look around. Try out the informative decoder on your VIN data, look at over 11,000+ photos of just about every Falcon model available, view some original Sales Brochures, see who owns a Falcon like yours, and be sure to register your Falcon in the registry page while here. A Falcon Forum message board is provided to discuss your experiences with restoration projects.

Feel free to send me a note using my e-mail link below. I am always open to suggestions. I am always looking for more vintage literature to put in the Technical Info section. If you have Sales Brochures, Owners Manuals, Magazine ads etc, please scan them in, and send to me. All Falcon owners will benefit! Thanks!

-- Jon Shuppy --

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