Maurice John Scanlon was born in Midvale, UT on April 1st, 1915 - died on June 23, 1999 in Salt Lake City, UT at the age of 84.

He was a treasured lettering and calligraphy teacher who taught many members of the Utah Calligraphic Artists Guild.

"The Letter Man", as he was called, spent much of his career working in Los Angeles in the commercial art field when graphic design was still done very much by hand. He developed a pointed pen script he called Spencerian Round Hand, a modernized version of Spencerian with rounded letter forms and carefully built-up flourishing. He later published a book that he used in his classes called "Lettering Spencerian Round Hand", originally printed in 1981 and once again available on this site as an authentic reprint.

He was a lively and energetic teacher with a quick wit who could keep his young students entertained as they learned his art. He freely shared his vast experience and encouraged students to set a high standard of quality for their own work. His assignments were rigorous and his critiques were blunt and honest but you knew that he loved his craft and wanted his students to succeed. He stressed the importance of craftsmanship and individuality and the constant refinement of your skills.

Maurice continued to do commercial work and teaching through his late 70's, alternating between homes in Salt Lake City and Hawaii. He painted landscapes for the last few years of his life and despite his age, had a rock steady hand. Many of his students have moved on to be teachers and professional artists and we look back on our talented teacher and muse with fondness and gratitude.

"Good writing is a fine art and is to the eye what good music is to the ear. And so I challenge you to join the growing numbers of lettering artists who strive for the skills of the master penmen. This fascinating art form will provide great personal satisfaction."

Maurice Scanlon

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